Episode 4

The Work of MENTOR CA With Marcus Strother

Published on: 17th June, 2020

This episode is a dynamic discussion with Marcus Strother, the first CEO of MENTOR CA. We discuss his current work caring for "our babies", his personal coming of age story and the work he will be leading as CEO of MENTOR CA. We also had a n important discussion about how health and wellness should be centered in all the youth work we are doing, as we support young people in the process of healing.

Marcus L. Strother is a father, husband, educator and a youth and community advocate. A 22- year veteran in the education field, spending 17 years in Illinois before relocating to Sacramento, California a little over five years ago, Marcus spent 8 years as a classroom teacher, and 9 years as a high school administrator. Marcus is the Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed MENTOR CA.

You can find out more about Marcus' work here: https://www.lifedatamatters.com/

Connect to the emerging MENTOR CA: https://www.mentoring.org/mentor-california/

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Twitter: @MarcusLStrother

Instagram: @marcuslstrother

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