Episode 8

Critical Youth Work with Isabella Chavez and Cade Maldonado

Published on: 29th July, 2020

An "in-house" conversation with two Youth Mentoring Action Network staff, this episode is a discussion about the critical mentoring and youth work done here at the Youth Mentoring Action Network, how we see our selves, how we see our work and what we are trying to contribute to the field of mentoring and youth development. Highlighting our Director of Training and Outreach, Cade Maldonado, as well as our Director of Programs, Isabella Chavez, we openly discuss our approach, our values, our politics and how we vision the future of youth work.

Cade Maldonado is a native Angelino and is dedicated to applying theory to practice in the youth development field. Before joining YMAN and completing his M.Ed., Cade managed the CASA Pitzer Academic Program and Community Space for three years, engaged in both research and organizing work ranging from youth mentoring to immigration to environmental justice. He now maintains and runs all of YMAN’s outreach and training efforts in the Inland Empire and nationally.

Isabella Chavez serves as the Youth Mentoring Action Network’s Program Director. As Program Director, Isabella oversees the various programs and events hosted by YMAN. As a protege of Dr. Torie Weiston- Serdan and product of ‘The Network’, Isabella is uniquely situated to speak on the ‘real-life’ effects of a critical mentoring relationship as elaborated in Critical Mentoring: a Practical Guide. Isabella has a BA in Public Policy from UC Riverside as well as a community fellowship with Claremont McKenna College covering research and data collection for social change.

Cade's Instagram: @thirtyfivemillimetercadence

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